Player Release Day Just Weeks Away

by League Owners

The Tri-Point Football League will be giving signed players a second chance to find a team this season. Players who have already signed contracts with a TPFL Team may receive a free release from their current contract (granted by the league) on March 1st, 2024. The only stipulation is that the player returns all team property to the team they are being released from before they can sign with a new TPFL team. The league will be holding a strict adherence to the March 1st date for the player releases. They will not be accepting or granting any player requested releases once the clock rolls over to March 2nd. 

Previously players had to request a release from their team, of which the team can choose to release them or not. Another change from last year is that the league has removed the options for teams to place "release stipulations" on players they let out of their contracts. 

Keep an eye out for more exciting news as the TPFL continues to evolved and correct the ship towards being the top league in the tri-state area. Players will continue to get opportunities to have their voices heard in similar fashion to the changes this season that allow team owners to have more of a voice in the function of the Tri-Point Football League.