by League Owners

UPDATED - 2/22/24

GREY=No longer on the board
RED=Added to board with update

Tri-Point Football League Announcement

 In preparation for the 2024 TPFL Season and beyond, the Tri-Point Football League has made some structural changes to help make our league a better fit for all teams and players involved. This offseason we have given the team owners the opportunity to nominate and elect a commissioner and a new board. 

Please welcome our 2024 TPFL Commissioner, Ms. Sandy Tipton and the new board consisting of Jessie Caldwell (Cobras), Curtis Gardner (Hawks), Steven Sollazzo (Outlawz), Courtney Featherston (Longhorns), Demone Gore (Bears), Trewon Marshall (Bengals), Doug Horning (gladiators), John Galbraith (Federals).

Please stay tuned in for more to come including new and adjusted bylaws.