TPFL Promotes Awareness and Appreciation All Season Long

by League Owners

The tri-point football league Awareness schedule

The TPFL is proud to do their part to spread awareness and appreciation for several causes. For 2023 the league owners and board have coordinated a special schedule that will have a different theme each week of the regular season. MAny players, coaches, and fans have been effected one way or another by the causes we are promoting. The TPFL hopes to not only bring awareness to these causes by our reach and exposure, but to help provide a source of pride and positive energy for those who have been effected. Additionally, many of our players and fans may not know of the resources in their area that may be able to provide some form of support for them while they experience these situations. Ultimately, we hope to encourage our member teams and players to explore opportunities in their communties to help and support organizations that fight to make a difference for these causes and the people they effect.

Please continue beyond the image to see a list of organizations and their information, including some of our TPFL PARTNERS.

- The TPFL supports our armed forces and appreciates their service and sacrifice. Every team in the tpfl is located in an area that has recruiting offices for the Army, navy, air force, marines, and national guard.

- Autism effects 1 in 100 children. Each child on the specrum faces individually unique challenges. Support from community organizations is invaluable to the families who are experiencing these challenges. AMRAP 4 AUTISM,MILESTONES AUTISM RESOURCES, PITTSBURGH CENTER FOR AUTISM ADVOCACY, WV AUTISM TRAINING CENTER.

- Suicide has a long reaching effect. The TPFL encourages everyone to learn the warning signs, promote prevention and resilience, and commit to the social changes necessary to make a difference for someone. Seek help by dialing or texting 998 for the national suicide hotline. HELP NETWORK OF NEOUPSTREET PITTSBURGH RESOURCESOUT OF THE DARKNESS WV

- There is a long standing tradition of breast cancer awareness in football. Since the TPFL regular season is not during october, we will observe breast cancer awareness during week 4. Please visit the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY'S BREAST CANCER  INFORMATION AND OVERVIEW

- Many of our tpfl players and organizations are involved with youth sports programs. These programs help to teach our communities' children valuable qualities like: leadership, responsibility, perseverance, and teamwork. Much like semi-pro, youth sports serves to help communities keep its players off the streets and uses structure and the passion for football to help mold its players to hopefully become better young men while gaining tools to succeed in their futures. 

- Disability awareness is a wide ranging cause. Whether an individual faces challenges mentally or physically, there are several organizations and events that are local to our member teams' locations throughout the tri-state area. We encourage everyone to explore opportunities to get involved and make a difference. AINSLEY'S ANGELSNATIONAL ORGANIZATION ON DISABILITY, EASTERSEALS.

- 10% of American adults will suffer from a drug addiction during their lives. More than 6% of americans suffer from alcohol addiction. thats over 30 million (drugs) and about 20 million (alcohol) respectfully. Please take some time to make sure you are informed to notice the signs of addiction and how to seek or help someone seek help. RECOVERY RESOURCES OF NEOLIFEHOUSE ADDICTION RECOVERY (WV)PITTSBURGH MERCY ADDICTION SERVICES.

- Domestic violence and mental health issues often go hand-in-hand. While mental health is a stand alone cause, mental health issues can be both the cause and the result of domestic violence. If you are struggling with, a victim of, or have witnessed domestic violence the TPFL encourages you seek help. National Domestic violence Helpline 1-800-799-7233.