TPFL's Ohio Gladiators are National Champions

by League Owners

The 2023 Tri-Point Football League Champion Ohio Gladiators are now the 2024 National Football Events Florida Bowl XIX National Champions after defeating the GDFL's Tri City Outlaws. The Gladiators become the first TPFL team to win a national bowl in only the TPFL's second season. In 2023, the TPFL's Greensburg Golden Hawks (2022 TPFL Champs) earned a bowl bid, but unfortunately came up just shy of bringing home the win. Regardless, in it's first two seasons, the TPFL has had back to back national bowl appearances and brought home a championship already. Additionally, the TPFL once again proved that everyone is united for the cause when it comes down to the league being on the big stage. Several TPFL owners and coaches corroborated to make the best of the situation the Gladiators were given. A special congratulations to Anthony "Rootbeer" Wise for being the first defensive linemen to be honored as the Florida Bowl MVP in the 20 years of NFE Bowls.