TPFL to Expand Player Eligibility

by League Owners

The TPFL has voted to expand player eligibility to players who have played regular season games in other leagues. Previously players who competed in other (non-TPFL) league games were not able to then sign and play for a TPFL team that same season. With the changes, players can now have the freedom to make that call for themselves, if they so choose. 

TPFL Announcement – After the vote by all owners, the TPFL will now allow players to sign and play with TPFL teams after playing in regular season games in other leagues. Players who choose to sign a contract in the TPFL cannot play in another league once they are signed in the TPFL and will become ineligible for TPFL play for the remainder of the season if they do so. Additionally, TPFL players are not permitted to play for more than one team or in more than one league at the same time or they will lose their eligibility in the TPFL for the remainder of the season. All players signing deadlines are still in effect for the 2024 season (June 21st at 9pm), as well as the “minimum games played” rule pertaining to playoff eligibility for players.